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An Online Pet Memorial is a great way to keep the memory of your pet alive. While we cannot bring back your beloved pet, we can help you preserve the beautiful memories of the times you shared together with an online pet memorial. An online pet memorial is one of the ways to preserve such memories. Whether you call it pet memorial or virtual pet memorial, it is all the same thing. One of the advantages of an online pet memorial is that they outlast "you" the creator. Your pet's memorial will be here for generations to come.

However when picking a pet memorial site to dedicate the everlasting memory of your beloved pet, it is imperative that you remember that all pet memorial sites are not created equal; "If it is not, it is not the same as"

Pet memorials have increasingly become popular but why a pet memorial? Pet memorials are important in the healing process. Do not relegate the memory of your beloved pet to just any online pet memorial website. Your pet gave you the best years of its life; it is now up to you to give it a befitting pet memorial.

This is

Even in passing, it is still boils down to, "location, location, location"; What website you create your pet memorial in, says a lot about your love for your pet. Make sure your pets memorial is chronicled in the foremost virtual pet memorial in the world. is the final resting place to celebrity pets like Chanda-Leah AKA "Words Smartest Dog; Guinness Book World Record Holder" Buddy, former first dog of the Clintons and Drizzle the royal polo pony of Prince Charles.

If you have come this far it is because you realize that your beloved pet is not just an animal, but a member of your family and hence deserves dignity and honor even in passing.

What is the memory of your beloved pet worth to you? In, the difference is clear! Our slogan says it all. Why settle for less when your pet can have it all here?


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